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First Reconciliation 

Dear First Reconciliation Families,

We are very excited to be working with you at this important sacramental time in your child's life!

For details and reminders for our First Reconciliation Service, please read the information below.

May God bless their First Reconciliations!


  • Examination of Conscience: If needed, please review the process for examining their conscience using the questions on the inside of the bi-fold pamphlet they were given. Hopefully, they have already completed this reflection and have a list of what they want to say. Don't forget to bring their list and the bi-fold pamphlet, if they want to have them with them.

  • What to wear: Any appropriate church attire

  • When to arrive: Doors will open by 9:30. Please arrive early enough to be seated in a pew by 10:00.

  • After you arrive: Find your child's sheep placed alphabetically on a table at the church entrance. Paper stands will have been attached to the back.

  • Pick up a program at the entrance of the church along with any other confession aids you need that will be available there.

  • Have your child stand his/her sheep at the feet of the Jesus figure standing near the altar.

  • Seating: Choose a pew where you would like to sit. You may sit anywhere. This service is only for First Reconciliation families, so there is plenty of seating space.

  • The Reconciliation Service: There will be an entrance hymn, an opening prayer, and a Gospel reading of the Lost Sheep. Fr. Jim Nall will give a brief homily. We will listen to some examination of conscience reflection questions read out loud and then will recite the Act of Contrition prayer together. The Act of Contrition is written inside the program. Fr. Jim will then introduce the priests and where they will be seated. Soft music will be played during confessions.

  • There will be several priests available for confessions. Usually, 4-6 priests are available. One priest may be inside the confessional. Other priests will be seated at other areas throughout the church. Two chairs will be set up in each confession area.

  • Going to confession: The children will NOT have to recite the Act of Contrition prayer by themselves to the priest. The only thing they will need to do alone with the priest is confess their sins, listen to the priest's guidance and absolution prayer, make the sign of cross, say thank you, and then return to their pew.

  • Children may take a written list of what they want to say with them to the priest if they would like to. They may also take the little bi-fold Guide for Reconciliation handout with them. There will be some of these at the entrance doors with the programs, in case they forget theirs from home. Please return them when leaving.

  • After confession: When they get back to the pew, they just kneel down and pray the common penance prayer that will be printed in the program.

  • Parents are also highly encouraged to receive the Sacrament after the children have made their confessions.

  • Once your family has completed your confessions and prayed the penance prayer found in the program, please quietly guide your child to find his/her sheep at the foot of Jesus.

  • If desired, this would be an appropriate time to take a picture of your child standing next to Jesus, holding their sheep.

  • You may then leave the church quietly, or if you would like any pictures with a priest afterward, please wait until all confessions are completed.

  • Length of Service: The entire service is usually under one hour long. Please take your child’s sheep, program, and any handouts with you as you leave the church. Congratulations!!


Please contact me with any questions or needs.

Jenifer Lohmann


For parents


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Jenifer Lohmann

Director of Faith Formation

618-628-8825 x408

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