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24-25 YFF Click here for Registration 

YFF Classes meet weekly inside Holy Trinity Catholic School

beginning September 8th through April 2025

on Sundays from 9:00-10:15 am

At Holy Trinity Catholic Church, we are pleased to partner with you – parents or guardians,

grandparents and other household members, who are the primary teachers of faith to your children. You are constantly teaching your children about our faith by modeling Catholic behavior, attending Mass with your children each week, praying and talking about our faith with your children as you go about your daily life. What you do greatly affects them. We’re here to help support you in your teaching.

Our catechists graciously volunteer to share their own experience of faith and strive to make Christ visible to their students through this religious education program. We hope that this faith formation will result in young adults who will themselves proclaim the Lord in word and deed.


Families who join the parish at other times of the year are welcome to register their children in YFF at any time by contacting the Director of Faith Formation, Jenifer Lohmann, at (618)628-8825 ext. 306.

Get Involved!


If you're interested in assisting as a Catechist, Assistant Catechist, or other Faith Formation helper, please contact Mrs. Lohmann


All adults assisting with Faith Formation must complete Diocesan Guidelines for working with students. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Jenifer lohmann_edited.jpg

Jenifer Lohmann
Director of Faith Formation
618-628-8825 x306

The CLW program is offered at 10:30AM Mass on Sundays for students in grades 1st-3rd until their First Communion .


Children are called forward prior to the Liturgy of the Word during mass and given a brief gospel instruction by Father and dismissed with a blessing to the parish meeting room where a catechist leads them in scripture study and age-appropriate activities. They return to Mass at offertory before the Liturgy of the Eucharist.


Children may come as often as they want; they do not need to join the group every Sunday.

Calling all preschool children ages 3-6!
The SEEDS program is here just for you, our little ones in Christ.


Your mommy or daddy can sign you in at the SEEDS room (next to the church office) during Sunday 10:30AM Mass. You get to study the bible readings, pray, and have fun learning about how much God loves you! You can stay in the preschool room during the entire Mass, or mom and dad can pick you up and sign you out during offertory so that you can celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist.


You do not have to attend SEEDS every week, but you are welcome to attend as often as you wish!

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